Warbird Rides


Warbird Flight Experience

Once in a lifetime opportunity

The ultimate WWII flight experience in the aircraft that took the war to the enemy!

One of the goals of the Commemorative Air Force is to maintain and fly our fleet of airplanes so that they are preserved as living history. We do this so that you and your children can experience the thrill of seeing—hearing—smelling a real, working airplane. Perhaps you will gain a deeper appreciation for what it took to design, build, and fly them.

For a modest (tax-deductible) donation, you can fly in one of these rare and historic aircraft.

CAF Dixie Wing Aircraft

P-51D Mustang “Red Nose”

The hottest fighter of WWII and THE plane that started the CAF. If you like high-performance airplanes, you HAVE to experience the thrill of sinking back in your seat when the pilot powers the throttle forward and rockets off the runway! The Mustang struck fear into the hearts of the enemy…and brings wide smiles to those that climb into the cockpit!

SBD-5 Douglas “Dauntless”

One of only TWO left flying in the world! This airplane was outdated by the time the war started, yet sank more tonnage of Japanese shipping than any other airplane. At the Battle of Midway, this airplane earned its nickname “Slow But Deadly” (SBD) when it was used to sink four Japanese carriers on that victorious day for the U.S. Navy! Grab hold of the twin .30 cal’s and keep those Zero’s off your tail!

LT-6 “Mosquito”

This LT-6 Mosquito started out as a SNJ-4, known as the “Pilot Maker”. Before a young AAF Lieutenant or Navy Ensign could fly a Hellcat, Corsair, Mustang or Thunderbolt…they had to master this plane! Feel the power of the Pratt & Whitney engine rocket you down the runway and roar into the air!

After WWII, the new U.S. Air Force armed the T-6’s and turned them into LT-6 Mosquito’s. This excellent example of the type used in Korea by the USAF for foward air control to market targets with smoke rockets.

PT-26 “Cornell”

Known as the “Cradle of Heroes”, if you became a fighter or bomber pilot, this is the plane you would spend your first hours learning to fly. Throw back the canopy and feel the wind rush through your hair! This wood, fabric and metal plane is your start into the WWII Warbirds!