Quail West Golf – Courses, Property, And Lifestyle

Quail West has for many years, been one of the premier property investment destinations in Naples, Florida. The state homes and the unabashed luxury of living near some of the best golf courses in the state Including two excellent sessions on the estate) have ensured that it remains at the top of the list for those who want to enjoy the many benefits of the Florida lifestyle.

The two golf courses, the ‘Preserve’ and ‘Lake’ courses are championship experiences that continue to receive excellent reviews both in leading gold publications and from those who have been lucky enough to play rounds on either of these two excellent 18 hole championship courses.

The two Arthur Hills-designed courses have recently been revamped. Stock Development’s reportedly spent more than $30 million to make sure that those playing the courses enjoyed a world-class experience. Of that total amount of $12 million was spent on enhancing the ‘playability’ of both courses – which were initially designed over two decades ago.

The architect, J. Drew Rogers who was assigned the task of enhancing the championship nature of the two courses is intimately familiar with the classes, having worked with the original designer, Arthur Hills when the trails were first conceived.

The Preserve is one of the most beautiful courses in Florida. The player enjoying the 6,841-yard course is led through important Woodland areas where the natural and sculpted beauty of the course makes any round an absolute pleasure. The recent upgrade has improved the bunker system, irrigation, tees, and greens and has also included the planting and cultivation of ‘Celebration’ Bermuda Grass. Enhancing the player experience is the fact that the course is nor equipped with ‘Laser Link’ distance capability.

The Lakes course is slightly longer. However, it mirrors the tremendous natural beauty of the Preserve course – with the added attraction of a collection of scenic lakes. Add to this the challenges of what is called ‘The Hills’ (a series of greenside ‘berms’ and you have a course that provides both challenge and beauty in equal measure. Laser link distance measurements are also provided on this course.

However, the attractions of the Quail West golfing experience are not limited to the courses themselves. The recent upgrades have revitalized the clubhouse as well. Today the 70,000 square foot, the two-story club is the pride of the club – courses notwithstanding. Members and guests can now choose between either a casual dining experience or one that is more formal. The indoor and outdoor dining options have also been enhanced with, among other things, new bar areas.

There is also a spa (and wellness center), a glass-enclosed and heated swimming pool, as well as a stylish and comfortable lounge area where members and guests can relax and enjoy excellent service and an exclusive ambiance. A salon and a fully equipped pro shop – with an adjoining cafe offer both convenience and the opportunity to engage with professional staff or enjoy the company of friends both during and after the golf. For those who enjoy tennis, there are eight world-class courts available, complete with lighting for those who would like to enjoy their tennis in the cooler evening hours.

With a membership of only 600 Quail West Club allows those lucky enough to make their homes on the estate or have the privilege of playing on either one of the two championship courses a sense of both luxury and exclusivity. Living on the estate and enjoying the golf opportunities provides a taste of why Florida – and in particular this estate has become the choice of property investors (and golf enthusiasts) across the United States.